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Clarkson Law Firm, LLC

Clarkson Law Firm, LLC focuses on consumer and commercial debt collections throughout the State of South Carolina. Clarkson Law Firm is a highly skilled debt collection law firm employing trained and professional employees. The firm handles files from their pre-suit status, throughout litigation, and during post-judgment efforts. Our range covers secured and unsecured credit transactions, including revolving credit accounts, installment loans, student loans, auto and personal loans, lease agreements, medical bills, repossessions, evictions, judgment enforcement and commercial collections. We are a member of American Lawyers Quarterly (ALQ) and National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA). Our friendly staff offers personal service to all clients and consumers in an effort to reach the most amicable of resolutions. It is our focus to ensure satisfaction and to create and maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients. We also strive to treat all consumers honestly, fairly, and respectfully. Clarkson Law Firm also is very strict on compliance with state and federal laws including the FDCPA and information security.

If you have debt to collect, a judgment to enforce or a business dispute to resolve you can rely on the experienced attorneys of Clarkson Law Firm, LLC. Our firm is located in Columbia, SC and provides top-tier legal services to creditors, debt purchasers, and business owners. The firm's primary practice is the collection of debts.

The firm consists of the two partners, one associate and a staff of paralegals and legal assistants. We represent clients in every county of South Carolina. We have built a reputation as an authority on collection matters.

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